Detect restrictions in critical flow areas to ensure optimal part performance in cast, machined, or molded product. Compare direct flow measurements to part tolerances.

Detect difficult defects hidden in part-to-part variation by analyzing the part from a statistical approach using ANALYTIC FLOW test technology for an opportunity to catch defects not normally causing out of tolerance flow rates.

Flow Test Technology
GIT’s Flow Testing:

Flow testing ensures optimal part flow in critical flow areas and detects parts with partial or complete blockages. Measuring airflow is more accurate than sensing backpressure, or continuity pressure testing. Now, with GITs you can detect partial restrictions by measuring actual airflow.

GITs flow test systems use shop air set at very low test pressure to accurately measure airflow in smaller passages. When testing larger passages, an on-board air supply system is used minimizing noise and large consumption of plant air.

GITs flow test systems are ideal for detecting broken drill or tap bits, cast flashing or fins, core breakages, and sand blockages.

GIT’s Test Systems:
  • Combine leak and flow testing into one user friendly test system

  • Produce fast test times, typically 2-3 seconds per flow test
  • Detect slight airflow restrictions as compared to nominal flow
  • Measures actual airflow
  • Measure airflow restrictions in Transmission Output Shafts, Transmission Housings, Front Timing Chain Covers, Engine Blocks, Cylinder Heads, Exhaust Manifolds, and any other part that is designed to flow
  • Analytic Flow method available for challenging applications

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© 2022 Grayson Industrial Test