Bringing detailed surface evaluation to real time production by combining the latest in LASER scanning optics with high speed data acquisition electronics and powerful software.

Vision and Microscope evaluations leaving you only evaluating a small percentage of your surface? Our systems can scan 100% of the surface, and can keep up with full production.

2-Channels: Image and Displacement

Most surface evaluation systems obtain only reflective “image” data, sometimes referred to as “Intensity” data, which gives good detailed data for evaluation. However, we often find defects are better detected using displacement data, or a combination of both.

Image data offers:

  • 2D Visual look at defect size, width, length

Adding displacement data can:

  • Determine Surface roughness
  • Cylinder Bore Cross Hatch groove depth
  • Scratch depth
  • Porosity depth/volume/density or distribution in an area
  • Diameters of bores, roundness, cylindricity top to bottom
  • Replace your air gages
  • Centerlines of bores
  • Crank bore centerline to Cylinder Bore Centerline evaluation

Engine Blocks

  • Spray Bore Porosity Evaluation
  • Cross Hatch Evaluation/Roughness
  • Bore Dia/Geometry/Centerline
  • Crank Bore surface/Geometry/Centerline
  • Cylinder Bore to Crank position/angle evaluation
  • Flat surface/porosity (Head Deck, pan rail, front, rear..)
  • Cast Surface Evaluation


  • Flat surface crack/scratch/pore/cleanup
  • Cast Surface Evaluation

Round or Disk-Shaped Parts

  • Surface Finish /void/cracks/pores/inclusions/cleanup

Transmission Housings

  • Flat surface crack/scratch/pore/cleanup
  • Valve Body ID surface inspection

© 2022 Grayson Industrial Test

© 2022 Grayson Industrial Test